BY APB Staff on 15 Apr 2020

The change comes with a plan to adopt ‘extraordinary measures’ post-crisis

Genoa International Boat Show

The organisers of the Genoa International Boat Show have announced new dates for the 2020 show, along with a plan to adopt ‘extraordinary measures’ to handle a range of post-crisis scenarios.

The 60th edition of the global trade fair, which was set for September 17-22, will now be held from October 1-6. The change of date is to be integrated with a plan that aims to predict regulations that may be in place in October, as well as the incorporation of wide, open spaces and multiple entrance points to reduce density of crowds.

Changes were agreed by the Board of Directors of the show organisers, I Saloni Nautici, and the Governing Board of the Italian Marine Industry, after discussion with regional and local authorities. 

Other options being kept open include the possibility of the event taking place over a longer period of nine days (from October 3-11), to help manage the flow of participants and ensure optimal conditions for managing the event. 

The Genoa International Boat Show is one of the world’s leading boat shows, and has been held in Genoa, Italy, since 1962. Last year’s event had over 1,000 boats on display and attracted some 188,000 visitors.