BY APB Staff on 22 Jan 2019

The 880 trimaran is heir to the renowned F-27 Sport Cruiser

Corsair announces the heir to the revolution started by the hall-of-fame anointed F-27 in 1986 – the 880 trimaran.

From trailer to water in 45 minutes, this 29-foot trimaran offers all the possibilities of much larger boats. It is available in a performance package with 13.5m carbon wing mast and racing sails, or in a comfortable cruising package with creature comforts such as hot water and air conditioning.

The 880 is completely safe and comfortable; suitable for people of all skill levels. It features a protected cockpit, high-aspect hulls and foils, and a huge unfolded beam.

This built from-the-ground-up Corsair has full boat systems – meaning electric lighting, refrigeration, manual or electric toilet, and even air conditioning is available. A small generator complements a lightweight air conditioning or heating unit, and provides comfortable electrical independence when cruising in hot or cold climates.

In true Corsair fashion, the generator and air conditioner are removable to reduce excess weight when racing, or to reduce trailer weight when on the road. All of this comes in a folding, trailerable package well below the trailering weight limit of most passenger cars. This one is a racer, cruiser, trailer-sailer, and the successor to the boat that started it all.

The 880 sleeps up to five people, offers a galley and enclosed head with shower, a saloon with full standing headroom. With a simple setup allowing for launching in well under an hour, this boat is suitable for adventures across continents.

More information can be found at Boot Düsseldorf (January 19-27) at Hall 15 B-48, and at the Miami Boat Show (February 19-27) at the in-water berths 945-947