BY APB Staff on 6 May 2019

The elegant and contemporary Beneteau cruiser, derived from MCY, will be launched at the Cannes Yachting Festival (Sep 10-15)

Beneteau will launch the new Monte Carlo 52 at the upcoming Cannes Yachting Festival, held from September 10-15, 2019. This exclusive 16.25 metre long and 4.60 metre beam motor yacht is eagerly awaited and will introduce the Monte Carlo “Smart Luxury” generation.

A flybridge powerboat, she has inherited the superb genetic makeup of a highly successful range: a very distinctive contemporary design with an elegant profile, wonderfully designed spaces and special attention to detail. The Monte Carlo 52 takes these great strengths one step further.

Monte Carlo 52 To Launch At Cannes 4
(Photo: Beneteau)

The Monte Carlo 50’s distinctive style is the work of a team of world-famous architects and designers: Carlo Nuvolari & Dan Lenard for the exterior line, Andréani Design for the interior accommodation. The V-hull was designed in partnership with MICAD.

She is longer and has a greater beam than the previous model, the Monte Carlo 5, which it will be replacing in the Monte Carlo catalogue. Her line is more contemporary and her profile more slender, and she is extremely spacious.

Monte Carlo 52 To Launch At Cannes 18
(Photo: Beneteau)

Clad with the well-known bow-plate bearing the Beneteau logo, the new hull offers much more space inside. The very large saloon, like the newly
reorganised spaces of the flybridge, the extensive owner suite, the three cabins and two shower rooms unfold to reveal a voluntarily minimalist décor of lightcoloured woodwork and linings, which is bang on trend.

The Monte Carlo 52 is stunningly bright. With so much room inside, windows literally flood the living spaces on the main deck with light. Her galley is located aft and connects with the cockpit. Her large central lounge and a raised pilothouse have a 360° panoramic view.

Monte Carlo 52 To Launch At Cannes 19
(Photo: Beneteau)

Availing of outstanding industrial facilities and avant-garde production techniques, the Monte Carlo 52 is confirmation that the Beneteau boatyard focuses on quality control of the highest standards. It is through this unique expertise that Beneteau has been able to meet all the demands of the high-end yacht market in this elegant cruiser derived from the Monte Carlo Yacht brand. The Monte Carlo 52 is an exclusive motor yacht, yet her value for money outstrips similar luxury cruisers on the market.

The new Monte Carlo 52 is elegant, luxurious and contemporary, but also spacious and bright. She will be launched in Cannes in September 2019 and will introduce the “Smart Luxury” generation of high-end cruisers by Beneteau.

Monte Carlo 52 To Launch At Cannes 6
(Photo: Beneteau)

This sensational boat will be available for exclusive trials this summer on the Mediterranean Sea, at Beneteau’s official base in Port Ginesta (Spain) inaugurated by Beneteau last October, and also visible at Beneteau network dealerships.