BY APB Staff on 2 May 2024

UAE-based Enata shipyard is known for the ‘flying’ Foiler yacht.

Mirarri Yacht Enata

Enata Marine — headquartered in the United Arab Emirates — has struck a deal with Mirarri, a new yacht brand from the United Arab Emirates.

The Enata shipyard — a division of the Enata Group — is best known for the ‘flying’ Foiler yacht. Enata will construct the yachts for Mirarri, a new luxury yacht brand led by Rashed Al Shaali of the Al Shaali family, the founding family of Gulf Craft.

The first yacht in the collection, designed by Timur Bozca, is a 16.7-metre vessel with a full carbon hull. It will incorporate Enata’s proprietary Wingman system, which enables remote control of various aspects of the yacht. 

Mirarri Yacht Enata

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“I am proud to launch Mirarri, a formidable collaboration between industry leaders Enata and Bozca,” says Rashed Al Shaali. “I come from a long family history in the marine industry, having grown up surrounded by yachts and worked with esteemed companies such as Gulf Craft, Dubai Marine, and Al Shaali Marine since my earliest days.

“While these experiences have been invaluable, they’ve also revealed to me the stagnation within the yachting industry, prompting my desire for change. This drove me to partner with Enata and Timur Bozca.

Mirarri Yacht Enata

“Having witnessed firsthand the exceptional quality and innovation of Enata’s products and facilities, it became evident to me that their standards far surpassed anything I had encountered before.

“Through Enata’s collaboration on Vatoz, I had the privilege of meeting Timur Bozca. His passion and design philosophy align perfectly with the disruptive vision of Mirarri in the luxury yacht sector, making him the ideal choice to lead the design.”

Aloïs Vieujot, CEO of the Enata Group, comments: “We are extremely proud to serve as Mirarri’s manufacturing partner. The Mirarri yacht represents a significant advancement for the boating industry, made possible through Rashed’s vision and expertise, our manufacturing prowess, and Timur’s talent. The vessel’s full carbon hull and interior are seamlessly integrated into our facilities.

Mirarri Yacht Enata

“It will also incorporate our Wingman system, as featured on the Foiler. Similar to its application on the Foiler, the Wingman will empower the owner to remotely control various aspects of the yacht, perform over-the-air updates, conduct remote diagnostics, and implement preventive maintenance.

“We are delighted to provide Mirarri with the facilities, technologies, and expertise necessary to bring Rashed’s vision to life.”

While Enata is best known for products like the Foiler, up to 80 per cent of its business stems from the B2B sector. It says that its experience with white-label designs puts it in a strong position with its latest collaboration. 

The design of the Mirarri yacht incorporates materials such as carbon fibre, kevlar, and titanium.

Mirarri Yacht Enata

“When I met Rashed and he shared his vision for Mirarri and the collaboration with Enata, I knew it was going to be something extraordinary,” says Bozca. “This collaboration resonated with my passion for unique materials and design concepts. Rashed sought not only innovative design but also a distinctive sensory experience.”

The full-beam superstructure features a glass dome inspired by the shape of a bird skeleton. This feature enhances structural integrity and provides natural light for the interiors. The aft deck has a barbecue and bar area, while centre access ensures easy navigation to the forward part of the yacht.

Mirarri Yacht Enata

The Mirarri’s two full-beam cabins feature contemporary design elements.

“The journey has already begun,” says Al Shaali. “Construction of the first Mirarri yacht is well underway, with Enata having been in production of the tooling for several months now. I can’t wait for the first Mirarri to be revealed to the world.”

The first Mirarri yacht is currently under construction and expected to be delivered in 2025.

Mirarri Yacht Enata

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