BY APB Staff on 18 Apr 2024

The Mooring By the Moon installation has taken over the Bagni Misteriosi swimming pool.

Azimut Milan Design Week

Azimut Yachts has landed in Milan for Milano Design Week — the world’s biggest annual design event — with an immersive and eye-catching installation curated by AMDL Circle and Michele De Lucchi.

Inspired by the Seadeck Yacht Series, the Mooring by the Moon installation can be viewed in the evocative setting of the Bagni Misteriosi swimming pool in Milan during the Milano Design Week event, which runs from April 15 until April 21, 2024.

The installation, billed as an “emotional journey through beauty and sustainable innovation,” invites visitors to be surprised by the wonder of the natural world, seen as if for the first time from the terrace of a boat illuminated by the reflections of a large moon lying on the water in the heart of the city.

The resultant environment is designed to awaken emotions around the rediscovery of nature and arouse the viewer’s desire to protect it and share a concrete commitment to preserve it for future generations.

Azimut Milan Design Week

“The difference can and must be made here and now, not left to distant promises of a world to come or with a superficial approach to the topic of environmental sustainability,” explains Giovanna Vitelli, chair of the Azimut-Benetti Group. “The yacht in the pool at Bagni Misteriosi is the emblem of our commitment: concrete, measurable and always present”,

The journey through the installation, curated by AMDL Circle and the architect Michele De Lucchi, unfolds in four stages within the historic environments of the Bagni Misteriosi.

The first act, Gentle by the Sea, welcomes visitors into a suspended time of wonder. Far from the frenetic flow of everyday life, the sun rises and sets on the water, while the sounds, colours, and scents of the sea evoke the gentle era inaugurated by Azimut for a new, respectful relationship between man and nature.

Azimut Milan Design Week

In the second stage — The Sea Rocks — innovation and technology are revealed at the service of beauty and a more sustainable present. Large sculptures have been created by AMDL Circle and Michele De Lucchi using the same alternative and recycled materials used by Azimut to reduce the environmental impact of the Seadeck Series.

Recovered fishing nets are regenerated, recreated and infinitely reshaped to become fabric, and 15,000 plastic bottles make up the soul of the Seadeck 6, the first model of the Seadeck Series.

The architects worked through subtraction, redefining the concept of luxury to bring out the “heart” of the environments and designing spaces for “feeling good”.

The natural and recycled materials used have an important role, such as cork — the ancient Mediterranean material capable of spontaneous regeneration — which takes the place of teak in the external decking of the Seadeck Series.
The final act leads to Seadeck 6, billed as the most efficient yacht ever built by Azimut, as the Italian shipyard seeks to reduce emissions and energy consumption.

Moored in the heart of the Bagni Misteriosi, the boat is revealed to the public lying on the water in the shadow of the large moon, whose reflections enhance the lines designed by Alberto Mancini and the Fun Island, a reinvented stern terrace that symbolises a new lifestyle based on wellbeing.

Azimut Milan Design Week

According to Azimut, the hybrid Seadeck Series can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 40 per cent in a year of average use.

The theme of Fuorisalone 2024 is materia natura (material in nature). Azimut, AMDL Circle, and Michele De Lucchi have interpreted this theme as an opportunity to place visitors in front of the majesty of nature, represented by the large moon floating dreamily.

In a statement, Azimut says: “As the Seadeck, which metaphorically opens to embrace the sea, so at the Bagni Misteriosi in Milan, we rediscover an intimate connection with nature at the dawn of a new, gentle era.”

The third act — The Seadeck Lounge — encapsulates the philosophy of Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, authors of the Seadeck Series interiors: a design for a conscious world, respectful of all the parties involved, human and environmental.

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