BY APB Staff on 17 May 2018

Lying more than 800km from the nearest land mass, Palau is not the sort of place you’re likely to visit on a whim. Indonesia-based phinisi Dunia Baru made the long voyage to discover a part of the world that, even today, seems to be shrouded in mystery.

CHARTS OF PALAU are marked with place names that could have echoed straight out of legends. Guttural sounding names are strung with consonants that seem almost as jagged as the craggy island topography itself.

Micronesias Mysterious Frontier 1 

From the 5,000-year-old archaeological sites at Ngeruktabel, Chomedokl and Ngemelis to the new capital, Ngerulmud (established in 2006) on the island of Babeldaob, it’s a land that epitomises mystery.

Micronesias Mysterious Frontier 2 

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