BY Anna Cummins on 1 May 2023

The 88-metre superyacht, famed for its technical innovation, will leave the shipyard at the end of May

Maltese Falcon refit

The Maltese Falcon, one of the world’s most recognisable sailing yachts, has hit the water at Lusben’s technical dock as part of the vessel’s ongoing refit. 

Maltese Falcon arrived in the Livorno shipyard at the end of October 2022 and will remain until the end of May, when the 88-metre Perini Navi-built yacht will be available for chartering in various cruising locations.

Even before the refit itself began, the shipyard had to perform major work on the yard’s floating dock, with a special system designed and built to accommodate the yacht’s six-meter draught and hull shape.

Once the yacht was in the new floating dock, Lusben’s team began the refit project itself. The project involves operations including maintaining the onboard systems – such as generators, main engines and propellers – and work on the vessel’s complex mast handling system for its three automated and rotating DynaRig masts. Another big job has been repainting the entire hull in its distinctive ‘Perini Blue’ colour, which Lusben says has required special working conditions because of the chemical and physical characteristics of the paint.

The teak deck was also replaced, and the interiors were refurbished to make improvements to the guests’ night areas and galley. The work commissioned also included routine maintenance.

Maltese Falcon refit

Maltese Falcon’s technical launch at Lusben

Lusben says this delicate refit operation, with challenging delivery times, has not only improved the aesthetics and comfort of the yacht but also returned it to the owner’s company boasting better performance and more environmentally friendliness as a result of reduced fuel consumption and emissions achieved by upgrading the onboard systems.

“We couldn’t have made it through to this technical launch, while ensuring the high standards of quality we want to offer Lusben customers, had it not been for our professional team’s expertise in tackling such a complex project,” says Gianni Paladino, the yard’s commercial director. “It was a great privilege to work on a boat like the Maltese Falcon, but the congratulations really go to the whole team coordinated by site manager Alessio Centelli for the great job done.”

Pierfrancesco Cafaro, the skipper of Maltese Falcon, adds: “I’ve had the chance in the past to appreciate Lusben and the services they offer, which is why I was happy to collaborate with them again. The work we carried out in synergy with their team was incredible. For both us and the owner company, working with the shipyard meant having the confidence that all our requests would be handled promptly and professionally. With Lusben’s help, we’ll be ready in June to welcome our customers and make their holiday on the water an unforgettable experience.”

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