BY APB Staff on 22 Sep 2014

The Majesty 135 proves quality yachts don't have to be built in Europe or the US...

UNTIL RECENTLY SUPERYACHTS built outside Europe and the USA were treated with suspicion, even disdain  in some quarters. How could new builders in countries such as Taiwan, China and in the Middle East possibly build a quality yacht? Well, that view is well on the way to being dismissed due to the efforts of several builders in the Middle East and Asia not least Gulf Craft with their Majesty Yachts brand competing strongly with regard to quality, design and attention to detail.

Major Player

The world changed a lot after the 2007 Global Financial crisis with sales of luxury products being especially badly hit. Many industry observers stated that the superyacht sector was immune to the downturn, as the wealthy would always buy. They were wrong.  Superyacht builders are often notoriously secretive about orders and it took falling delivery numbers post 2012 to show that the market was changing. The wealthy don’t get rich by frittering money away and they were as quick as anyone else in the global downturn to start looking for better value for money. With Majesty Yachts able to offer prices significantly lower than western builders, while offering fantastic quality and semi- custom building capability, the stage was set for Majesty Yachts to prosper. 

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