BY Anna Cummins on 18 Apr 2023

The vessel rumoured to be Jeff Bezos' superyacht, the 127-metre Oceanco schooner Koru, has been delivered to its owner.

The 127-metre sailing superyacht Koru, widely reported to have been commissioned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has been delivered to its owner.

The Oceanco-built sailing superyacht made its maiden voyage between the Netherlands and Gibraltar on 6 April, following successful sea trials in February in the North Sea.

Oceanco's Black Pearl It is similar to the 127-metre Oceanco schooner Koru, rumoured to be Jeff Bezos' superyacht.

Oceanco is an industry pioneer known for its advanced projects, including 106.7m Black Pearl, the world’s largest Dynarig sailing yacht.

In recent days, keen yacht spotters have snapped the imposing vessel moored off the coast of Mallorca, one of Spain’s Balearic Islands. 

Not a lot is known publically about the yacht, formerly known as Project Y721, which began transmitting on AIS in January. The name Koru is taken from a Maori phrase meaning ‘new beginnings’, which refers to the spiral shapes seen inside fern fronds.

This post all but confirmed the rumours over its owner — after Bezos himself posted a picture of a koru leaf on his Instagram account to mark New Year. However, neither Bezos nor Oceanco has officially confirmed or denied the ownership rumours. 

The three-masted Oceanco schooner Koru is now the tallest and longest privately owned sailing yacht in the world, overtaking the 106.7-metre Black Pearl. (Sailing Yacht A measures 142.81- metres but is considered a ‘sail-assisted motor yacht’.)

The yacht, it is claimed, does not have a helipad due to its large sails. However, it is said to have an accompanying support yacht that has been “expressly commissioned and designed to include” a helipad. Jeff Bezos’ partner Lauren Sanchez is a certified helicopter pilot.

It’s estimated the project to build Koru has cost around US$500m, and the yacht will have an upkeep of $25-50m per year.

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