BY APB Staff on 12 May 2020

The 96m explorer maximises sense of adventure without sacrificing comfort

Inside The Rimor X Superyacht With Underwater Mermaid Lounge

London-based studio Sturge Design and expedition specialist Pelorus Yacht Expeditions have revealed details of their boundary-pushing 96m superyacht concept Rimor X.

Taking its name from the Latin word for ‘explorer’, Rimor X owes its exterior styling to designer Ben Julian Toth, with Pelorus acting as technical advisors.

Rimor-X visually unites the beauty and might of its natural environment with an unmistakable call towards fierce environments, new adventures, and bold expeditions for lasting memories.” says Toth. “ Pelorus has the knowledge and know-how in leading the adventurous experiences clients are after.”

The design of the yacht reflects the growing desire among young travellers to go further and to reach parts of the world that few others have, all while staying in state-of-the-art luxury.

Inside The Rimor X Superyacht With Underwater Mermaid Lounge 2The yacht’s wellness centre uses the ocean as a focal point

The 5-deck, 4,000GT megayacht can accommodate up to 14 guests. A suite of onboard amenities and spaces have been designed to maximise adventure for the whole family, even in the harshest environments.

Among the most notable features is the ‘mermaid lounge’, a semi-submerged lounge with a 21-foot tall window that peers out into the big blue. The design allows enjoyment of the underwater world for all guests, including younger or more elderly people for whom snorkelling or diving may not be an option.

“We are designing an increasingly large number of multigenerational yacht trips,” explains Jimmy Carroll, co-founder at Pelorus. “This provides a variety of interesting challenges in relation to accommodating every guest. When you have three or even four family generations on board, it is sometimes impossible to have everyone doing the same activity. 

Inside The Rimor X Superyacht With Underwater Mermaid Lounge 3The dramatic indoor-outdoor pool house

“Where diving is concerned, the ‘mermaid lounge’ is an excellent way for everyone to stay engaged in the activity. Those on board can share in the spectacular diving experience with those who are actively taking part.”

Other significant features include a 10-metre main deck swimming pool with pool house-cum-helipad, a bridge deck Jacuzzi with accompanying fire pits, a large gym, a spa and a “mud” room for transitioning from a muddy mountain trek or an icy heli-skiing excursion to other areas of the yacht. Rimor-X also carries a vast array of specialist toys and equipment, such as a submersible and snowmobiles.

Inside The Rimor X Superyacht With Underwater Mermaid Lounge 4Well-appointed gym and health centre

Unlike many explorer vessels of this nature, Rimor-X’s design does not seek to separate functional working spaces from her social areas. Inside, generous living spaces offer panoramic views and a connection with the outdoors regardless of the weather. 

Rimor-X has been carefully designed to avoid her spaces feeling disconnected from her surroundings,” says Carroll. “What’s the point of exploring in beautiful destinations when you have only tiny windows to gaze out of? It’s about gaining as much exposure to the world as possible.”

Inside The Rimor X Superyacht With Underwater Mermaid Lounge 6The superyacht is adapted for travel in extreme conditions

“If our industry is to attract new, younger owners and clients, then we have to improve the onboard experience to achieve this,” continues Carroll. “Rimor-X is the perfect family yacht to escape from our fast-paced way of life, to bring privacy, space, time and adventure; her innovative layout and design will set the new standard for future generations.”

Images: Sturge Design