BY APB Staff on 23 Jan 2021

Amels 242 is a collaboration between Imperial and Amels & Damen Yachting, and will be delivered during summer 2022

Aurora, Cannes, France, 2019

Imperial has announced the sale of a new 74-metre Limited Editions superyacht, which is to be delivered during summer 2022. This project, currently named “Amels 24207” is the tenth collaboration between Imperial and Amels & Damen Yachting since 2008.

This is the seventh hull of the Amels 242, part of the successful Limited Editions range. The 74-metre vessel will include a wide array of custom features specified by the owner, represented by Imperial during the whole building stage. Her exterior lines are designed by Tim Heywood while the interior will be a unique creation from Winch Design studios.

Celebrating this tenth collaboration between Imperial and the Dutch shipyards, Imperial’s director Julia Stewart states: “Project Amels 24207 is the second superyacht signed with Amels and Damen Yachting that we have successfully completed all technical and legal details during this pandemic period. This great achievement is the result of hard work, dedication and attention to all details with our esteemed partners at Amels, Damen Yachting, Tim Heywood and Winch Design studios. We are excited to give life to our tenth collaboration with our very esteemed Dutch partners.”

Rose Damen, Damen Yachting Managing Director, added: “We are very proud of our Amels quality and the reputation that our Limited Editions yachts have earned. Our latest Amels 242 will have a very experienced project team to complete her. We are looking forward to working closely with Imperial’s new-build team and her crew to ensure she is exactly as the owner imagined when she departs the yard next year.”