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ICOMIA has revealed further details of the programme for its inaugural boating industry conference, taking place in Singapore in April.

Singapore Yachting Festival. © SG Marine Guide

Singapore Yachting Festival. © SG Marine Guide

The International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA) will host the inaugural ICOMIA Boating Industry Conference on 23 and 24 April 2024, in conjunction with this year’s Singapore Yachting Festival.

The event will occur at the One°15 Marina Sentosa Cove Singapore and will focus on sustainable business practices essential for long-term growth and effective decarbonisation initiatives within the recreational marine industry.

Over the 1.5 days, attendees can expect insightful presentations and panel discussions. From cutting-edge research to advancements in propulsion systems and infrastructure development, the conference aims to explore strategies which address the industry’s distinctive challenges in Asia’s evolving markets.

“We have worked hard to curate a unique conference programme that will appeal to everyone in our industry,” says Joe Lynch, ICOMIA CEO. “Unlike conventional conferences that focus just on product sales and competitor activity, ICOMIA is proud to offer a conference designed to stimulate discussions and actions that will ensure the collective success of everyone involved in boating.

Singapore Yachting Festival 2023 (17)

Singapore Yachting Festival 2023

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“Sustainability is, of course, a key theme, but in its widest possible interpretation. To be confident of a truly sustainable future, we need to be operating safely, environmentally responsibly and successfully as an industry. This conference will deliver against these three themes, and we look forward to seeing everyone there in April.”

ICOMIA Boating Industry Conference 2024 programme: Day one

The conference begins with a keynote address from ICOMIA president Darren Vaux, who will present ICOMIA’s landmark research Pathways into Propulsion Decarbonisation in the Recreational Marine Industry at the conference.

He will be joined by ICOMIA CEO Joe Lynch, who says he is keen to support further industry engagement with the vital markets of Singapore, Southeast Asia and other regions across Asia.

This sets the stage for Bingrong Ng from the Maritime Port Authority who will provide brief the delegates on the latest efforts by the MPA in “Maritime Singapore’s Decarbonisation Initiatives”, offering insights into the nation’s forward-thinking strategies.

The afternoon session on the first day features a series of presentations and discussions beginning with a presentation on a practical and considered approach to applying ISO standards in marina management and operations. 

One15 Marina

This is followed by a moderated session “The Pivot Towards Sustainability” on the challenges in achieving sustainability goals and the need for a multi-faceted and pragmatic approach incorporating environmental, social, and economic factors in industry practices. In the session on Green Mobility, the latest developments and trends towards a low-carbon future will be featured, including Singaporean innovators who will proudly showcase their products and ideas.

Day one of the conference will round up with “Ocean Stewardship and Clean Boating,” where industry experts discuss conservation strategies, initiatives and informed boating practices necessary to protect the marine environment on which this industry depends.

ICOMIA Boating Industry Conference 2024 programme: Day two

The conference programme on day two will comprise a series of panel discussions around the Business of Boating: from Grow Boating strategies to introduce the boating lifestyle to consumers and ensuring lifelong enjoyment, to understanding and communicating the impact that boating has as an industry, on national economies and local communities, from infrastructure development to manufacturing and support services.

Understanding the significance of this value provides essential fact-based information when advocating with the regulators to improve the business environment. In the session on Advocacy, the discussion will be furthered with regional speakers sharing their unique strategies to put boating on the agenda in interactions with policymakers. The Conference will close with a Roundtable on Collaborative Engagement among stakeholders in Asia.

In addition to considering key takeaways from the Conference, from both presenters and the delegates, the panel is also expected to highlight the need for more networking and collaboration across borders and industry sectors, to ensure shared goals and actions for industry development and creation of opportunities for sustainable growth.

Arthur Tay, chair and CEO of SUTL Group, is pleased with the collaboration with ICOMIA and the opportunity to host the conference at ONE°15 Marina.

“Decarbonisation and minimising environmental impact are matters close to my heart and strongly complement ONE°15’s marine conservation initiatives. We are proud to be part of such a significant event that promotes sustainable practices and innovation in the boating industry,” he says.

Singapore Yachting Festival 2023

Organisers hope the ICOMIA Boating Industry Conference will be a pivotal event, bringing together industry leaders, policymakers, and experts to drive sustainable growth and innovation in the recreational marine sector.

In addition to the enriching discussions and insights provided at the ICOMIA Boating Industry Conference, the Singapore Yachting Festival 2024 promises to showcases plenty of innovation from the world of yachting.

This year’s festival features an impressive lineup, including one world premiere yacht, 11 Asia and two Singapore premieres, from over 100 marine brands participating.

Notably, there has been a significant increase in the presence of hybrid-capable vessels, demonstrating a clear shift towards sustainable practices within the maritime sector.

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