BY APB Staff on 23 Feb 2024

Chinese firm iAqua says the AquaDart Pro 770 Xtreme can two two boats filled with passengers.

iAqua sea scooter

Engineers at iAqua say they have created the world’s most powerful sea scooter, capable of pulling two boats with 18 passengers and a weight of 2,000kg.

The AquaDart Pro 770 Xtreme sea scooter produces over 5.2 kW of power, delivering a thrust of 770 Newtons, which the firm says makes it the world’s fastest and most powerful dive scooter.

Chinese water toy manufacturer iAqua says the AquaDart Pro sea scooters take scuba diving to a new level, allowing users to dive for more than two hours on one tank of air.

The hi-tech carbon-fibre body reduces weight and can propel through the water at speeds of up to 25 kph in under 3 seconds.

There are also three other models in the range: the AquaDart Pro 680 Explorer, the AquaDart Pro 720 Quest, and the AquaDart Pro 720 Max.

iAqua sea scooter

“For a real adrenaline rush, the AquaDart Pro 770 Xtreme will propel you from a complete stop to an eye-watering 25 kph in less than 3 seconds. The 720 Quest and Max will also take less than 3 seconds to reach 21 kph, and 680 Explorer will reach their top speed also in less than 3 seconds. No other professional dive scooter comes close to matching the power and performance,” iAqua says.

The AquaDart Pro sea scooters offer unsurpassed levels of reliability, easy on-site maintenance, advanced safety features, and intelligent battery management.

Phuket-based dive instructor Victoria Fawcus-Robinson, who has logged over 2,000 dives, says: “The AquaDart Pro is the fastest and most powerful dive scooter in the world.

“Free divers can propel on or under the water at high speeds, and scuba divers can set the unit to a max depth in increments down to 45 metres, which is a great safety feature.”

Using a high-definition, five-inch liquid crystal display, the entire craft is controlled with two buttons and two triggers, and dual-operated control grips mean if one hand leaves either grip, the AquaDart Pro stops.

iAqua sea scooter

The starting depth of the AquaDart Pro is 2 metres, and at five 5 metres, divers can continue in increments of five to a maximum of 45 metres, at which point the motor will stop, so a diver cannot stray deeper.

The AquaDart Pro boasts powerful 1700-lumen headlights, which are unique to iAqua and provide long-range visibility to boats when a diver surfaces.

Diver Zackery Norton-Smith said: “If you’re looking for a top-tier sea scooter, the AquaDart Pro Xtreme is the way to go. I switched from a Seabob, and I can’t believe the difference.

“The AquaDart Pro’s speed and control are unmatched, and the extended battery life ensures longer underwater adventures.”

The firm says the sea scooter’s high-performance propulsion system was engineered to provide the most effective and efficient output possible. Water travels efficiently through the under-side water duct, from suction to propulsion. At the same time, the anti-cavitation propeller pushes a massive volume of water to provide bewildering thrust with little to no vibration or noise.

iAqua, which has worked in partnership with many of the world’s leading automotive brands including General Motors, Tesla, Audi, Volkswagen, Nissan, Lamborghini, and Bentley. also produces lithium safety stores to prevent boat fires.

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