BY APB Staff on 26 Jun 2020

Up to 90 berths are nearly ready in HK's first new marina in decades

Hong Kongs Lantau Yacht Club Nears Completion 5

Lantau Yacht Club, the first new marina in Hong Kong in decades, is nearing completion ahead of a soft opening in September and a full opening later in November or December. Hong Kong has famously suffered from a shortage of berths, particularly for superyachts, for years.

About 80 to 90 berths out of the 148 planned berths are nearly ready, according to Marina Director Rudy Puystjens, who joined Lantau Yacht Club in March 2019. Puystjens, a veteran marina manager and former manager of the ONE°15 Marina Club, says that he wants to establish a highly professional standard for the marina’s operations from the outset. 

Power and water pedestals are still to go in and about half of the pontoons have been laid down. All piling has been completed.

Hong Kongs Lantau Yacht Club Nears Completion 6
The marina basin has depths of between two and 6.5 metres, chart datum

Puystjens says that due to tough requirements from the Hong Kong Building Department, the pontoons had to be specially constructed in China, and the piling was done by a Hong Kong company. 

Among the services provided will be fuel bunkering up to 10,000 litres from a redeveloped Sinopec gas station. Bunkering requirements higher than that will be provided by a fuel barge. Dry stacking will be available for the tenders of superyachts. Pump out services will be provided, and workshops and office spaces will be made available for yacht services companies to work with owner-clients.

There is also a 45-tonne travel hoist and washing bays for the smaller yachts that are expected to berth at the yacht club.

The marina basin has depths of between two and 6.5 metres, chart datum.

 Hong Kongs Lantau Yacht Club Nears Completion 7
The single alongside berth that could host a yacht up to 100m

When complete, the Lantau Yacht Club will offer 38 slips for yachts between 30 and 60 metres, 57 slips for 15 to 30 metres and 53 slips for yachts between 10 and 15 metres. A single, alongside berth has been laid down that could potentially host a yacht of up to 100 metres, though Puystjens adds that it could also be used for alongside berthing of three, 30-metre yachts.

Prospective club members must pay an individual one-off, non-refundable entrance fee for a ten-year membership term for a yacht between 30 and 60 metres in length. There are also monthly subscription fees and wet berthing fees depending on the vessel length. Corporate memberships are also available.

Hong Kongs Lantau Yacht Club Nears Completion 8
Views over Discovery Bay towards Hong Kong Island and Kowloon

Puystjens added that prospective members would be invited and later vetted before approval.

To further entice memberships, Hong Kong Resort Co Ltd is also offering Lantau Yacht Club members preferential access to the Discovery Bay Golf Club and other Discovery Bay Facilities. An old, disused helipad can be updated and rebuilt to serve VIP guests.

Hong Kongs Lantau Yacht Club Nears Completion 9
Discovery Bay Golf Club

Puystjens estimates that superyacht captains in particular will appreciate having access to the facilities at Discovery Bay.