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Launched at the Düsseldorf Boat Show in 2014, the Greenline 48 is often described as a classic gentleman’s cruiser.

 Greenline 48

Both the Flybridge and Coupe formats have their own distinct features.

Greenline Yachts of Slovenia is preparing to deliver the 120th hull of its Greenline 48 in the coming months, 10 years after the mid-sized cruiser was first unveiled.

The yacht has proven a hugely successful model and still sells around 12 units every year. 

The yard says the vessel’s appeal is based around timeless styling, an incredibly efficient hull and drivetrain, plus the choice of either a flybridge or a coupe profile. 

“We always wanted Greenline Yachts to do things differently to other yacht builders, so we’ve focused on Responsible Yachting and innovation throughout our range,” said owner and CEO Vladimir Zinchenko. “I’ve always seen model longevity as a sign we’re doing both these things right, because it means that our boats are making and keeping owners happy. By avoiding fads and trends, Greenline Yachts remain coveted for year after year, amortising their carbon emissions over a much longer period.”

 Greenline 48

Launched at the Düsseldorf Boat Show in 2014, the Greenline 48 is often described as a classic gentleman’s cruiser because it attracts both experienced power boaters and ex-sailors. Its volume is slightly larger but similar to the Greenline 45, with which it shares many features, but the Greenline 48 positions the master cabin forward, where it benefits from abundant natural ventilation.

Meanwhile, thehull has a relatively broad, shallow forefoot, which means that wavelets slide past at anchor rather than slapping loudly on the topsides. The forward section of the hull is more reminiscent of a sailing boat, capable of slicing through the waves in a seaway. Experienced boaters recognise that a host of such small details add up to a better experience aboard.

Accommodation has been carefully thought through, with two large guest cabins that include flexible sliding beds enabling owners to quickly switch from a twin to a double and back. Either way there is an ensuite bathroom for each, with shower and heads. In addition, there is the option to build a completely self-sufficient captain’s cabin aft, giving up a section of the large lazarette.

 Greenline 48

Life on board is concentrated around the main deck with its deck saloon, protected cockpit and lounging space fore and aft. Greenline’s design has no steps at all in the main deck between the helm station and the aft deck. Another attractive feature of the Greenline 48 is the aft galley, which is open to both the saloon and the cockpit through an opening window and a sliding door.

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“We’ve always been very proud of this feature, because it makes it so easy to start preparing food without having to duck out of the conversation between guests or family members,” says chief commercial officer Luca Raumland. “It’s hard to believe now, because you see this layout in all sorts of boat, but it was originally a Greenline innovation way back in 2008.”

 Greenline 48

Both the Flybridge and Coupe formats have their own distinct features. In parts of the world like Turkey and Seattle, a flybridge is practically mandatory, giving a fantastic extra entertaining space that is open to cooling breezes. On the other hand, the Coupe has a sleeker profile with broader overhangs that help keep the interior shady and cool. This is especially popular in Australia, south Asia or in the USA for the Great Loop. Its coachroof also provides a surface to receive the solar panels that form a key part of Greenline’s DNA.

An array of nine solar panels are specced as standard, allowing the Greenline 48 to generate more than 15kWh of power daily. The solar panels recharge batteries throughout the day, basically eliminating the need for a generator and increasing autonomy.

 Greenline 48

Owners can opt for Greenline Yacht’s proprietary H-Drive hybrid propulsion system. Recently upgraded to an even more capable 6G version, this proven technology combines twin 24kW electric motors with two 250hp diesel engines (with an option for 2x 370hp). At 5 knot e-cruising speed, the boat can cover up to 25 nautical miles in silent electric mode. The engine takes over for faster speeds up to around 24 knots, making it possible to conduct quick passage times and arrive with the battery full – ready for another weekend without generator noise.

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“From the hydraulic platform aft and the hybrid H-Drive to the cavernous storage beneath the saloon floor, there are lots of smart features that make the Greenline 48 stand out,” says Raumland. “It means there is every reason to believe that the yacht will continue to enjoy many more years of bestseller status. After all, Greenline Yachts’ famous Greenline 33 was in continuous production for 16 years.”

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