BY APB Staff on 28 Sep 2023

Texas-based FunAir offers an array of custom inflatable toys to turn any yacht into a playground.

Funair Climbing Playground

FunAir is launching a new version of its popular Floating Playground at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show, complete with a detachable climbing wall.

The new superyacht Climbing Playground offers the addition of a detachable climbing wall that can also be used as a stand-alone rock climbing wall on most mid-sized superyachts.

Texas-based FunAir says its Climbing Playground is ‘designed for active young guests and the young at heart.’ With a climbing frame, inflatable slide, and ‘FunSize Blob’, it guarantees hours of entertainment. The structure also creates a shaded hangout area underneath for guests who want to seek shelter from the sun.

Funair Climbing Playground

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“Innovation continues to be a top priority for FunAir,” says John Courtney, CEO of FunAir. “As with many of our new products, we listened to our clients’ needs and developed a solution that provides endless fun for a variety of guests.

“The Climbing Playground offers unparalleled levels of fun, and with all our premium inflatables, has been engineered to inflate in just a few minutes, pack tight and light and be easy to operate for busy crew.”

FunAir can turn any yacht into a playground with a dizzying array of custom inflatable toys: from vertiginous slides and climbing walls to floating islands and lagoons. There are over 10 designs of water slide alone, including self-lifting slides and ‘The Flume’, which cuts off in mid-air to give the feeling of flying.

The company also offers vertiginous climbing walls to ascend, floating islands to lounge upon, exhilarating water jousting games to play, jet ski docks and even yacht golf, complete with marine-friendly balls made from fish food.

Funair Climbing Playground

The Playground and detachable Climbing Wall are made from high-quality materials resistant to sun and saltwater damage. It adds that The Floating Playground has comfortable handholds, climbing ropes, and optional auto-belay connections to ensure safety on the water.

The deck entry climbing walls also feature a jumping platform with non-slip material for safe entry into the water. Each climbing wall includes a RapidFlate blower and a FunAir electric pump for speedy inflation on the water.

A selection of FunAir furniture is on display throughout the Monaco Yacht Show, including the debut of the Inflatable Bar and FunAir’s designer inflatable furniture pieces, including the Club Chaise and Club Chair.

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