BY APB Staff on 26 Feb 2019

The new flagship and the first aluminium superyacht from Ferretti Group's brand of luxury speed boats hit the water at the Ancona Superyacht Yard in Italy on February 23, and will arrive in Hong Kong as its final destination

A pioneer in terms of design, technological innovation and nautical trend-setting, Pershing has just ushered in a new era at the Ancona Superyacht Yard, which witnessed the launch of the first unit of Pershing 140, the brand’s new flagship and first aluminium superyacht.

Born from a collaboration between architect Fulvio De Simoni, the Ferretti Group Product Strategy Committee led by engineer Piero Ferrari and the Group’s engineering department, the new 140-footer (LOA 43.3m) is the first Pershing to be produced at the Ancona Superyacht Yard, a Ferretti Group facility specialised in building super- and mega-yachts above 40 metres, in both steel and aluminium.

First Unit Of Pershing 140 Launched 2
(Photo: Pershing Yacht)

The Pershing 140’s aggressive profile blends novel design elements with iconic details that reveal a continuity with the most recent models, such as the two lateral wings integrated into the superstructure and connected to the gunwale at the start of the walkways.

Even before unleashing its power on the waves, the new Pershing 140 stands out for the innovative layout of the aft area, which features a raised cockpit that effectively becomes a mezzanine level. This creates a vast sea-facing space that rises from the water up to the sun deck, joining together the yacht’s entire aft section.

First Unit Of Pershing 140 Launched 1
(Photo: Pershing Yacht)

The forward area too offers roomy and innovative relaxation spaces, while the upper deck – seamlessly integrated into the general profile – is a spacious panoramic terrace that may be entirely furnished with freestanding pieces.

The main deck includes a lounge with bar and dining area as well as an ample private entertainment area. Below decks, are four suites designed for privacy and comfort, including two VIP cabins with king-size beds and two twins with single beds.

“Anyone who’s sailed on a Pershing is familiar with the adrenaline rush that kicks in with every turn – it is a unique feeling, akin to flying through the waves, that deserves to be experienced in the utmost comfort. And this new flagship embodies the highest expression of the ‘Pershing thrill’. A natural evolution of the brand’s range, the Pershing 140 is an engineering masterpiece that combines the drive for innovation, a core element of the brand’s DNA, with the wealth of know-how and skills developed over the past 30 years. The launch of the first unit marks a landmark moment for the history of Pershing and the commercial strategy of Ferretti Group”, said Ferretti Group CEO Alberto Galassi.

The superyacht will then head for Hong Kong, its final destination, and will be officially presented to the public in the coming months.