BY APB Staff on 15 May 2019

The Lau Islands, with their weathered limestone forms above water and the teeming marine life beneath, make for perfect cruising.

Within a nation of 333 islands in 18,376 square kilometres (7,095 square miles) of the Pacific Ocean, the Lau Group range from islands that are large and volcanic with high peaks and lush terrain, to sand keys and rugged limestone cliffs, which only bring a handful of visiting superyachts each year.

Fabulous Fiji By Superyacht 8

“The idyllic cruising waters of Fiji make a friendly destination with amazing islands along with a caring and warm heritage,” says Captain David Jamieson of Asia Pacific Superyachts Fiji, who operates charters in this region. “A cruising journey through Fiji is full of adventure and memorable experiences.”

Fabulous Fiji By Superyacht 9

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