BY APB Staff on 8 Mar 2021

This former supply vessel underwent a 22-month transformation into a sleek superyacht packed with thrills

Fresh from a two-year conversion from an all-weather icebreaking multipurpose supply vessel into a superyacht packed with thrills, 68.2m explorer yacht Ragnar is now available for charter with Burgess by guests who crave experiences.

LY3 classed with arctic explorer capabilities, Ragnar has full ice-breaking functionality with a certified ICE Class A1 hull and unique ICE class PC5 rated electric driven ice pods. With a range of 6,000nm this yacht can go to the most remote areas of the planet.

Ragnar comes with toys ranging from a three-person submersible to an ATV | Images courtesy Burgess


“Ragnar is 100 percent the real deal, an explorer to the core,” says Burgess Charter Manager Jane Angus. “The level of capability packed into this yacht is just extraordinary, there is nothing her guests can’t do.

“There’s a fully certified helipad to explore by air, massively increasing the range her guests can cover and making her a turnkey choice for heliskiing in the most remote parts of the world.”

Ragnar can accommodate up to 12 guests in nine cabins

She also has four snowmobiles for guests who want to experience real wilderness, as well as a submersible for exploring beneath the waves. Her first winter has been spent in the Maldives, and she will spend summer 2021 in the western Mediterranean and Northern Europe. She will be in Antarctica in 2021/22.

The impressive interiors are Viking-inspired and include open fireplaces

Take a closer look at Ragnar in the video above.