BY APB Staff on 13 Mar 2024

The 700-strong fleet is used for tourist sightseeing on the Li River in Guangxi.

Epropulsion Li River

China-based electric outboard specialist ePropulsion has developed a customised e-propulsion solution for sightseeing bamboo rafts on the Li River in northeastern Guangxi province.

ePropulsion says it developed the longtail motor, a custom electric propulsion system, for these sightseeing rafts based on actual usage statistics, working collaboratively with the local government to create a green, low-carbon tourist attraction.

Before these efforts, the Li River had at least 2,000 rafts, all operating with traditional combustion engines. The firm says the new project will significantly reduce air and water pollution in the river and its surrounding environment and enhance the tourist experience in a scenic hotspot.

“We’re thrilled to have played a key role in developing sustainable boating along the River Li,” says Danny Tao, co-founder and CEO of ePropulsion. “The beautiful landscape will be preserved for years to come with our ecological solutions, and our unique noise-reducing technology will ensure a boost in tourism to this idyllic and scenic environment.

Epropulsion Li River

In addition to reducing environmental pollution, ePropulsion says its system has led to a reduction in noise pollution, with each raft now producing less than 60 decibels, where they once created a din of over 120 decibels.

In the first phase of the project, ePropulsion has electrified 700 of the bamboo rafts.

Tao adds: “As a leader in global boat electrification, it’s an exciting and rewarding opportunity to jointly commit to protecting our water from pollution and coordinate the construction of green and low-carbon tourist attractions.”

ePropulsion’s customised longtail electric propulsion system has a maximum power of 9 kW, with a 230-amp-hour battery pack and an IP67 protection rating.

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