BY APB Staff on 30 Aug 2022

Entourage is Hong Kong's hot new luxury charter company. Co-founder David Sit tell us why he's filling a gap in the market

On board Entourage

Some people are in the business of selling things; others are in the business of selling experiences. David Sit, the co-founder of Entourage, prefers the latter.

French-born Sit first came to Hong Kong in 2009 to work in investment banking, but soon found himself in love with the city’s dynamic F&B scene. In addition to co-founding Entourage, Sit is the CEO of hospitality group Singular Concepts and has opened up several successful bar establishments, including The Daily Tot, Bianco and Rosso, and Zzura.

Entourage co-founder David Sit wants to bring the dynamism of luxury F&B to the oceans in Hong Kong

Recently, he and his partners decided to pursue a passion project that involved bringing some of the dynamism of luxury F&B to the oceans. Soon, Entourage was born.

“The idea of Entourage was borne of the notion that there was a gap in the yacht charter business,” Sit explains. “There are either premium and luxury yachts for charter offerings, which can be quite expensive for most people, or on the other side of the spectrum, it’s mostly junks that don’t convey the same level of amenities and custom experience that some would like to have.”

One of Entourage’s key objectives is to create a more affordable experience but to offer the same standards of the premium yacht market – benefitting from Sit’s experience in the high-quality F&B industry.

Enter the Entourage boat – a fully renovated 22.9m yacht fitted with a professional cocktail station and bar counter on the main deck, a full catering kitchen on the lower deck and a friendly crew that “can host any occasion”. In addition, the boat has a professional sound system to accommodate DJs on the upper deck that will “cater to the music crowd and add to the vibes of the yacht,” Sit explains.

“We want our guests’ experience to be seamless and of high quality: they can come without having to take care of anything, enjoy the free-flow along with custom catering, interact with our crew and dance until sunset. In addition, we are storytellers. The environment we have created at Entourage reinforces the experience we think our guests want to have. Guests build their impressions of what story we are telling, using all of their senses: sight, sound, smell, touch and of course, taste.”

Another one of Sit’s goals with Entourage is to help grow the city’s luxury charter space – which has developed in the last few years, but has a lot of room to grow if Covid restrictions lighten further in Hong Kong.

“We thought the event space on the sea was quite limited, but we are very glad to see that it has been growing in the past years,” Sit says. “Similar to the restaurant/bar scene: the more, the merrier. The goal is to grow the size of the pie in the yacht charter business. Hong Kong is such a vibrant city with amazing beaches and sightseeing, which can compete easily with other destinations in the region.

“Ultimately, our business is to make people happy: it is the basis for our mission as a hospitality group; it represents what we stand for and why we exist. It is our common purpose.”