BY Anna Cummins on 2 Oct 2023

Production of the luxurious 'flying' cruiser will be limited to eight units.

Enata Vatoz

UAE-based boatbuilder Enata Marine has unveiled the new Vatoz model, a new 10-metre foiling yacht based on the chassis of its original Foiler model.

The original Foiler is a futuristic vessel that reaches thrilling speeds up to 40 knots, or, at 12 knots, can take off for ‘flight’ mode, at which point quad foils lift the hull around 1.5 metres from the water for a supremely comfortable ride with supercar-like handling.

The new Enata Vatoz is an ultra-luxurious model that has been designed in collaboration with yacht designer Timur Bozca, and production will be limited to eight units.

Enata Vatoz

“Each and every design feature of the project also has a function,” says Bozca. “The main idea behind Vatoz is to create the maximum dynamics inspired by the stingray. Behind the clean surfaces and curved lines lies an aerodynamic exhibition. Distinctive lines draw your eye across the front and out to the prominent wings.”

Bozca says the smooth design of Vatoz’s carbon-fibre hull blends function and form, with an organic and muscular exterior that has been designed to expertly manipulate the air around the cabin.

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Dynamic wing-like structures on both sides are designed to facilitate easier access to the bow and create additional storage space, as well as to prevent the waves from reaching the cabin and to create areas to store sea toys.

Enata Vatoz

The vessel will use Enata’s efficient Foiler technology that enables the boat to ‘fly’ 1.5 metres above the water and a proprietary sophisticated Wingman management system. The yacht’s maximum speed is expected to be around 40 knots in the foiling mode.

The Foiler has minimal impact on the environment in terms of fuel consumption, wake, and noise. The word Vatoz means Stingray in Turkish, and this concept was the inspiration behind this design and a homage to endangered marine life.

The interior of Vatoz continues the design line of the exterior. A stylish cabin is filled with natural light. Elegant windows and a skylight also enhance the feeling of space.

Enata Vatoz

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Enata says it is currently in talks with several companies, designers, and yacht manufacturers aiming to capitalise on its expertise in the foiling sector.

“Foiling brings another dimension to the yachting experience,” says Bozca. “The Foiler’s experience and comfort is the dream the yacht industry is trying to achieve. It is the perfect extension of elegance, tranquillity, and a vision of the future, which is represented in our designs.”

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