BY Anna Cummins on 24 Jul 2023

The 10-metre vessel will have military applications, but Enata says it welcomes enquiries from private owners

Enata Marine USV FOILER_USV (2)

UAE-based maritime manufacturing group Enata has confirmed it is working on an autonomous version of its 10-metre Foiler model, the Foiler Spirit.

The Enata group is best-known for producing the futuristic Foiler vessel, which can lift above the water by 1.5 metres. 

The Foiler USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle) is a ‘flying‘ pilotless vessel that is initially being developed for military clients but could also offer private owners even more advanced capabilities.

The vessel can be equipped with different types of drone UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), as well as sound and light cannons, ballistic nets and more surveillance equipment. 

Enata Marine USV FOILER_USV (2)

Enata says the Foiler USV will have the capability for remote control and/or for fully autonomous operation. It has a range of 2,000 kilometres on a single tank while maintaining a cruise speed of 25-30 knots.

The yacht has a top speed of over 40 knots, and a cruise speed up to 30 knots. The foils give increased stability and serve as motion dampers when at rest, reducing the reliance on gyro stabilisation.

“The Enata Foiler USV’s unmatched performance, range and handling combined with the highly intelligent Wingman software and autonomous capability makes it the perfect option for coastal security and longer-range mission profiles,” says Alois Vieujot, director of Enata.

Enata Marine USV FOILER_USV (1)

“As an example, from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia you could monitor the entire Red Sea and Gulf of Aden with Foiler USV, and it could transit from Abu Dhabi in the UAE to Salalah in Oman or Gujarat in India. From Naples in southern Italy you could access anywhere in the Mediterranean, including Gibraltar, the Aegean and even Port Said in Egypt.

“We are very excited to be working on the USV project as it simultaneously highlights the technological expertise we hold within Enata and also the wide-ranging capabilities of our proven Foiler design.”

Production of the Foiler USV is currently underway, and Enata is planning to unveil a working demonstration in late 2023 or early 2024.

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