BY APB Staff on 9 Nov 2014

Featuring a blade hull, the Dreamline 26 from the newly formed DL Yachts offers fuel efficiency, performance and an abundance of living space.

DL YACHTS IS AN ITALIAN SHIPYARD that is new in name, but very well known in terms of the people involved – Founder Peter Zuber, CEO Paolo Bencivenni, Naval Engineer Giuseppe Arrabito and Designer Enrico Gobbi. With DL Yachts, other professionals are involved every day in creating the new line of Dreamline vessels. They also possess a lot of experience in the boat industry, for example Partenope Yachts is very well known for its composite works for some famous Italian boatyards in the Adriatic area.

Efficience And Spacious

Starting with Zuber’s vision, the idea behind DL Yachts is to create a line of yachts able to express a concept based on maximum efficiency at sea – low fuel consumption, good performance and the maximum in terms of living space on board. Not an easy job, as I said to Zuber some time ago when he told me about his idea. What I can say now, with the first boat launched and after the sea trials, is that with a good idea and the right people it is possible to do a lot of interesting things, such as this spectacular 26-metre yacht.

Efficience And Spacious 1

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