BY APB Staff on 23 Oct 2019

This nature-friendly custom catamaran offers electric propulsion, smart energy systems, silent- and vibration-free cruising

Unveiled during this year’s Cannes Yachting Festival, the Sunreef 60 E belongs to Sunreef Yachts’ Eco-Electric line of custom catamarans. With electric propulsion and smart energy management systems, Eco-Electric yachts offer a silent, vibration-free cruising experience and a responsible approach towards nature.

Eco Electric Sunreef 60 E Launched 10
(Image: Sunreef Yachts)

The owner’s fascination with cutting-edge technology, safety, efficiency and care for the environment, and most importantly, his love of sailing, combined to create the Sunreef 60 E concept. The Sunreef 60 E was carefully crafted to the finest details, offering responsible boating, abundant in comfort, elegance and dependable performance.

Powered from a 134 kWh battery bank, the catamaran’s twin 55 kW engines provide for up to six hours of motoring in complete silence. The 600Ah house batteries allow to operate all the appliances on board for over 24 hours and power all-night air-conditioning.

Eco Electric Sunreef 60 E Launched 17
(Image: Sunreef Yachts)

“Eco-Electric innovations bring more comfort on board. Peaceful cruising without noise, vibration and fumes. At the moment our team is working on a new green feature, that will take our Eco-Electric range to an even higher level,” says Nicolas Lapp, R&D Director at Sunreef Yachts.

The Sunreef 60 E features a revolutionary all-carbon fibre bimini with in-built curved solar panels generating 4.5 kW. Carbon fibre is also used for the mast and boom.

Eco Electric Sunreef 60 E Launched
(Image: Sunreef Yachts)

The Sunreef 60 E concept incorporates weight-efficient and sustainable materials: reclaimed teak for the floors, compressed paper for countertops, titanium for railings as well as textile rigging and recyclable sails. No plastic bottles are allowed on board, fresh water being supplied straight from a state-of-the-art watermaker.

“With our Eco-Electric yachts we respond to an increasing demand for green solutions. We are happy to introduce trend-setting environmentally friendly crafts such as E, ” comments Francis Lapp, Founder and President of Sunreef Yachts.

Eco Electric Sunreef 60 E Launched 19
(Image: Sunreef Yachts)

The Sunreef 60 E is the second Eco-Electric catamaran launched by Sunreef Yachts. More advanced Eco-Electric launches await in 2020.