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Takacat Asia

PO Box 35003 Browns Bay, Auckland 0724 NZ

Designed and developed in New Zealand by Greg Sowden since 2007, Takacat Inflatable boats have been proven to be unique in its class.

Whether its fishing, diving, a tender for your yacht, flood relief, motorhome use or just to have some fun in, look no further. Our high performance, cost effective portable inflatable catamarans are capable of doing the job for you.

All the Takacat Series Boats are are lightweight, versatile, extremely durable, portable and ultra compact making these boats easily transportable wherever you go. Available in both PVC and Hypalon.

Takacat also make a range of RIB catamarans. Built for Takacat by Stingray Marine (SA), the Takacat “EXPLORER” and “PREDATOR” are a patented stepped-tunnel design catamaran incorporating thirty years of catamaran technology.

At low speeds, the tunnel creates an air-cushion effect enabling the craft to rise quickly out of the water and to plane with ease. The twin hull construction increases stability and creates a more comfortable ride in choppy conditions.

A fast, stable and reliable craft, the “EXPLORER” and “PREDATOR” may be used as ski or fishing boats, pleasure craft, diving and resort vessels or any work applications requiring exceptional stability and maneuverability.