BY APB Staff on 21 Jan 2019

The Beneteau-owned range embodies sportsmanship and modernity in its five models

Beneteau Group is launching a new brand of catamarans, Excess, which embodies sportsmanship and modernity. They believe that buying a catamaran should no longer be restricted to choosing between comfort and performance. 

Excess strives to reinvent the whole sailing experience. The twin helm station aft and the vision and sensations it offers, the rig, the hulls, the onboard lifestyle, the materials, etc have all been designed to suit a new way of living on the water.

Details Announced For Beneteaus New Catamaran Brand Excess 2

(Image: Excess Catamarans – Excess 12)

Excess catamarans are modern, aesthetic, efficient boats that cater to sailors’ vision and needs. Its breathtaking designs can be seen in the sleek lines, elegant proportions and perfect balance. The grey hulls were also chosen to stand out from the crowd, while the running rigging is a signature Excess aesthetic.

Inspired by racing for cruising pleasure, Excess catamarans have super high aspect ratio rigs, a boosted (by 10%) rig to thrill the senses, signature textile lifelines with fluorescent plaits and dyneemy steering cables to improve responsiveness and sensitivity. Stanchions and cleats are made with titanium-coated aluminium.

Details Announced For Beneteaus New Catamaran Brand Excess 12

(Image: Excess Catamarans – Excess 12)

The unique sunroofs vanish to provide a clear view of the sky and sails, as well as a fresh breeze at anchor. They can be adapted and trimmed according to the individual’s moods and needs.

The brand’s range currently includes five models: Excess 11, Excess 12, Excess 13, Excess 14 and Excess 15.

Excess 12 is for those who dream of a cruising catamaran that provides real sailing sensations. This model boasts a finessed sail trimming, a view from the helm, a user-friendly cockpit, and a sliding sunroof, and is available in three or four cabin versions.

Details Announced For Beneteaus New Catamaran Brand Excess 8

(Image: Excess Catamarans – Excess 15)

Excess 15 is the essence of the Excess spirit, allowing users to enjoy a wide range of sensations: aesthetic and sporting. The contemporary interiors are bright and open to the outside, and available in versions with three to six cabins.

For both the Excess 12 and Excess 15, VPLP design was the naval architect, while the exterior and interiors were designed respectively by Patrick le Quément and Nauta Design.

Details Announced For Beneteaus New Catamaran Brand Excess 11

(Image: Excess Catamarans – Excess 15)

New models will be officially launched at the 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival.