BY APB Staff on 15 Apr 2020

I-Bridge features exclusive multi-control system to manage systems quickly and efficiently

Team Italia, an international leader in navigation electronics for superyachts, has installed the integrated I-Bridge on the Pershing 140, the 43m yacht that is the Italian shipyard’s new flagship. 

Team Italia On Board 43 Metre Pershing 140.

The I-Bridge integrates the various navigation sensors and the Onyx Marine monitoring system, made by Onyx Marine (part of the Team Italia group).

Team Italia On Board 43 Metre Pershing 140

The system includes two LCD display touch screens and a 4K ultra stretch LCD display screen, which allow the captain to display all the data and information needed for navigation.

The ship’s control system is managed through two other display screens, jointly with the exclusive Jog & O Led system. The multi-control system ensures that the onboard navigation and identification systems are managed quickly and effectively.

Team Italia considers post-sales assistance extremely important, so the integrated I-Bridge of the Pershing 140 is equipped with a Remote Diagnostic System designed and built by Team Italia’s R&D department.

Using this system, after gaining access through the yacht’s specific authentication and authorisation procedures, the technicians in the Service department can carry out ordinary maintenance activities remotely. The time required to diagnose (and solve) a problem occurring on the yacht is therefore dramatically reduced, which increases navigation safety. 

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