BY APB Staff on 26 Mar 2020

Lightweight carbon composite yacht combines stylish design with outstanding performance

The first Mazu 82 has launched in Istanbul and completed her sea trial in time for delivery to her Owner. Built of a lightweight carbon composite, the Mazu 82 combines a clean profile, expansive decks and large hull windows with outstanding performance, efficiency and handling. 

Mazu Yachts Offers Glimpse Of New 82s Interiors 1.

The edgy exterior styling of the Mazu 82 is designed in-house by shipyard Founder Halit Yukay. Powered by a trio of Volvo Penta IPS 1200 900hp engines, with other options available, the Mazu 82 has a top speed of 40 knots, and cruises at 35kts. 

Mazu Yachts Offers Glimpse Of New 82s Interiors 6

Turkish designer Tanju Özelgin created the interior layout and design of the Mazu 82. Working closely with the shipyard, Özelgin optimised the generous volume and large hull windows, combining subtle textures, muted colours, and both direct and indirect light to create a vibe of understated elegance. 

Mazu Yachts Offers Glimpse Of New 82s Interiors

“The interior and the exterior should never be defined as two different aspects but should be seen as a whole as one is the extension of the other,” says Yukay. “Both should create a coherent unity and reflect the main mood and feelings the designer intended.”

Tanju Özelgin is a designer renowned for an ability to transmit meaning in design through subtle and abstract uses of form, symbol and material. He is widely recognised for his distinct style that is contemporary and abstract yet deeply aware of the fundamentals of human nature and environment.  

These same signature qualities distinguish the interior design aboard the Mazu 82. 

Design Mazu Yachts Reveals New 82s Interiors 1

“The main challenge with yacht interiors is that the space mostly never stands still and is constantly surrounded by water,” says the Turkish designer, who aimed to create an onboard ambience more in tune with land-based architecture. “This aspect will direct your decisions regarding which materials to use, the weight and scale of every piece of furniture, and whether or not the furniture is anchored to the decks or built-in.” 

A major challenge for all yacht designers and builders is to draw as much natural light as possible into the interior. In this regard, the Mazu 82 boasts very large deckhouse windows and strip glazing in the hull. In particular, the sliding sunroof, custom-made by OPAC in Italy, and 9sqm windshield of ultra-clear laminated and tempered glass, lend the interior an airy, loft-like feel. 

Mazu Yachts Offers Glimpse Of New 82s Interiors 7

“The space has to be as compact and light as possible without losing the illusion of feeling at home or in a cosy hotel,” says the interior designer. “This was one of our key aspects during the design phase of the yacht: to create a space that feels more as if you were in your own house with all the familiarity and comfort that comes with it.” 

Artificial lighting is just as important as natural illumination and has to be both functional and atmospheric. For this reason, a bespoke lighting system was developed for the Mazu 82.

Design Mazu Yachts Reveals New 82s Interiors

“Lighting is an important tool for the designer to create an atmosphere and mood, which further improves the design of the space,” says Özelgin. “It is an extension of the feelings the designer wants to express and should always be considered as an reflection of the overall design.”

To create a chic yet warm and inviting feeling, walnut and leather has been used for the furniture – exclusively built by Mazu – while the walls are decorated with metallic finishes and teak paneling that has been textured and stained grey. The textiles and carpets were specially designed for the boat, as were the doors made of bronzed tempered glass and the stainless steel hardware that has been treated using thin-film deposit (PVD) techniques in the same bronze hue. 

“The chosen materials are as light as possible and the textures give a sense of spaciousness with a touch of warmth,” says Özelgin.

The yacht is fitted with a state-of-the-art audio system (JL Audio for the exterior and Dali for the interior), which meant that close attention was paid to noise damping. Leather and Alcantara cladding and upholstery throughout help to mute unwanted sound. 

Mazu Yachts Offers Glimpse Of New 82s Interiors 1

The wet surfaces are of a special synthetic material that has a soft leather-like finish, while the bathroom faucets and accessories are by luxury hardware brand Gessi. The high-end galley equipment was supplied by Gaggenau.

Mazu 82 

LOA: 24.50m

Beam: 5.90m

Draft (max): 1.60m

Displacement: 50 tonnes

Material: Epoxy Sandwich System Carbon Composite

Engines: Volvo Penta IPS 1200 (3x 900hp)

Optional Engines: Volvo Penta IPS 1350 (2x1000hp), Volvo Penta IPS 1350 (3x1000hp)

Max speed: 40 knots

Cruising speed: 35 knots

Fuel Capacity: 6,000L / 1,550USG

Class: Rina CE A/B