BY APB Staff on 11 Nov 2023

The 74-metre Amels 242 and the 60-metre Amels 200 both hit the water last week, in a first for the shipyard.

Main image, Amels 242 and Amels 200. All images courtesy of Damen Yachting.

Amels 242 and Amels 200. All images: Damen Yachting.

Damen Yachting has celebrated the double launch of two new Amels Limited Editions superyachts in one day.

The 74-metre Amels 242 and the 60-metre Amels 200 both hit the water last week, marking the first time in the Dutch boatbuilder’s history that two superyachts have been launched on the same day.

Both semi-custom yachts have exteriors by designer Tim Heywood and interiors by Winch Design, independently selected by both owners.

Amels 242

74-metre Amels 242 -

The 74-metre Amels 242

The owner of the just-launched Amels 242, the eighth to hit the water, opted for a blue hull and an off-white superstructure with the various vertical lines and stretches of windows standing out in a unique dark grey colour, rather than the traditional all-white exterior palette.

The yacht will be delivered on 1 June 2024. Winch Design took the blue exterior colourway and incorporated it into multiple elements throughout the interior. As guests enter through the main entranceway, they are met with a wall of semi-precious agate blue stones. To match, there are various blue marbles onboard, as well as blue mosaics scattered through the wellness area.

Other features include a dedicated owner’s deck with a Jacuzzi, a large aft swimming pool, and a lower deck ‘wellness space’. Up to 12 guests can stay overnight in six staterooms.

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“The owner wanted something different, and that is certainly what he has achieved, especially with the variety of marbles,” says Peter Dijkwel, project manager at Damen Yachting. “This Amels Limited Editions superyacht is a great testament to the range and its flexibility — we can make anything work with this platform.”

Amels 200

60-metre Amels 200

The 60-metre Amels 200

As an evolution of the Amels 188, the Amels 200 has proven popular platform, and this vessel is the fourth hull to hit the water.

While on board, the owner and his family intend to work remotely and entertain friends and family. As a result, Damen says the owner added an additional balcony to the main deck and exterior bars on every deck.

This Amels 200 has a customised hull in ‘Whisper Grey’ — a colour which is subtly repeated in the exterior curves and arches, particularly around the superstructure.

“This yacht perfectly reflects the owner’s unique vision,” explains Tom Oomkens, project manager at Damen Yachting. “There are many great details, for example, the windbreakers have been upgraded to feature a dark grey tone to mimic the windows. The owner had many exciting design ideas and is experienced, which benefitted the project hugely.”

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