BY APB Staff on 9 Apr 2024

Damen Yachting has introduced the new Xplorer 80 as the latest model in its range of luxury expedition yachts.

The Xplorer 80  debuted at the 2024 Palm Beach International Boat Show.

The Xplorer 80 was introduced to the industry on 21 March at the 2024 Palm Beach International Boat Show.

The Xplorer 80 is the latest addition to Damen’s Xplorer range, formerly known as SeaXplorer, which includes the Xplorer 60 and Xplorer 105.

The Xplorer 80, a new 80-metre design from Damen Yachting, is the follow-up to the SeaXplorer 77, bringing an updated Xplorer yacht to the Dutch boatbuilder’s portfolio.

“By introducing the Xplorer 80, we’ve further established our ability to create a perfect crossover superyacht,” says Rose Damen, managing director of Damen Yachting. “She combines luxury, expedition, capability, high-spec shipbuilding and everything in between.”

Xplorer 80 Damen

Damen Yachting partnered with frequent collaborator Azure Yacht Design & Naval Architecture to develop the Xplorer 80’s exterior lines. The Netherlands-based studio has retained much of the original SeaXplorer exterior DNA, for example, in the signature bow, observation lounge, enclosed wheelhouse and crow’s nest. Yet the more modernised styling brings a luxurious look to this robust yacht.

For the interior design concepts, Damen Yachting partnered with Harrison Eidsgaard, a British design studio based in London. The result is a home made for long-term and luxurious living.

Damen Xplorer 80

Known for quality and personal attention to detail, the Harrison Eidsgaard team has developed a Manhattan loft-inspired space with refined details, smart storage and a warm ambience throughout.

“This interior can cover every journey and any lifestyle – all you need to do is immerse yourself,” says Ben Harrison, co-founder of Harrison Eidsgaard.

Xplorer 80 Damen

This 80-metre concept design has been conceived with customisation in mind. Utilising Damen Yachting’s expertise in the field of spec builds and standardised technical platforms, the Xplorer 80 offers a number of configuration options to suit different yachting lifestyles.

“The way the Xplorer has been designed allows for a high level of flexibility to suit any extreme environment or refined landscape,” says Xplorer design manager Enrique Tintore.

“If a helicopter isn’t essential for you, we’ve got many other options for that space. Need a conference room or a seventh guest cabin? Or a separate gym and a high-spec laboratory? We can make that happen.”

Xplorer 80 Damen

Among the configuration options on offer, future owners can opt, for example, between a hidden helicopter hangar and an operational gym and wellness setup. Other options include a twin tender garage setup or a fully equipped dive centre. Those not needing heli operations can opt for a wall-to-wall lounge club.

For the Xplorer 80, Damen Yachting has also partnered up with exterior and interior designers to provide a set of alternatives centred around the same base platform.

For the exterior, alternative designs have been created by Espen Øino, Harrison Eidsgaard and Azure Yacht Design, while Winch Design and Reymond Langton have provided alternative interior concepts.

Xplorer 80 Damen

Damen Yachting says it has recently introduced its updated and modernised branding for its range of luxury explorers, to coincide with the introduction of the Xplorer 80.

“We wanted to make the SeaXplorer branding more relevant for today’s and tomorrow’s luxury yet adventurous yachting needs,” says Sarah Flavell, Damen Yachting’s marketing manager.

“While the DNA within the Xplorer 80 proudly carries all of the original SeaXplorer key attributes, we wanted to update the way the brand was presented to better reflect the forward-thinking nature of this new 80-metre Xplorer.

Damen Xplorer 80.

“The result is that the Xplorer 80 absolutely embodies the brand values associated with the Xplorer range bringing extensive capability, unrivalled autonomy and above all, luxury space and lifestyle to the most extreme corners of the globe.”

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