BY Ryan Swift on 20 Apr 2023

The new, all-electric 8.9m C-8 CC (centre console) from Candela promises an 80% reduction in energy use thanks to its retractable hydrofoils

Swedish tech firm Candela has released its latest hydrofoiling electric boat design, the 8.9m centre-console C-8 CC. Candela says that this new model will provide an all-electric, green solution to the world’s most popular boating segment. The company said that approximately 50,000 center console boats of this size range are sold in the US annually, with many more globally.

Candela was founded in 2014 and has pioneered the combined use of retractable hydrofoils and electrification to build boats that can outperform fossil fuel powered boats of the same size range.

The company says that its hydrofoils allow its boats to use 80% less energy than conventional boats at high speed, thus allowing for long range on battery power only.

The Candela C-8 CC has a 57-nautical mile range at a speed of 22 knots, which Candela says is three times longer than any other electric boat on the market. The foils can retract at the push of a button on the touchscreen display.

The C-8 CC with foils retracted (top) and deployed (above). The hydrofoils can be deployed with push-button control and an onboard computer adjusts the foils while underway to smooth out the ride

The yacht lifts onto its foils at 16 knots, powered by a electric pod motor. This allows for near silence while in motion. The C-8 CC is stabilised by an onboard computer that adjusts the hydrofoils 100 times per second to ensure a steady ride in waves and chop.

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While a traditional 30-foot (9m) boat of this size might be powered by 400hp outboards, the C-8 comes with a single 100hp electric pod motor, which gives enough power to lift up on the hydrofoils with up to eight people onboard.

“Flying smoothly across the sea, conversing with your passengers at a normal tone of voice, and then arriving at your destination having spent only a few euros worth of electricity getting there – that’s a better boating experience,” says Gustav Hasselskog, founder and CEO of Candela.

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The new C-8 CC has an open bow with seating, wetbar, loungers for up to six people, an enclosed head and a swim platform with shower. There is also a six-speaker in-hull stereo system, made more enjoyable by the silent operation.

Made from 100% carbon fibre, the C-8 CC starts at €330,000 (approx. HK$2.8 million), including a 15.4″ navigational screen and free over-the-air updates of the user interface and the computer that controls the hydrofoils, which will unlock new features over the boat’s lifetime. First deliveries are expected for the summer of 2024.

Candela's new electric hydrofoiling 8.9 boat can be seen navigating in a port