BY Anna Cummins on 31 May 2023

The founders say Karma Yachting will take a ’boutique’ approach to its clients

Karma Yachting founders Mario Cicognani and Karin Paggi

Karma Yachting founders Mario Cicognani and Karin Paggi.

A new brokerage company called Karma Yachting has been established by two long-time yachting professionals in San Marino

Co-founders Mario Cicognani and Karin Paggi have a cumulative experience of 32 years in the purchase, sale, and construction of yachts ranging from 30 to 60 metres.

The Karma Yachting co-founders have joined forces to offer their clients ‘expertise, reliability, and a well-established network of industry experts.’

“Whether it involves a new build, purchasing, or selling superyachts, we are committed to providing a fully customised service that ensures flawless, fast, easy, and transparent processes,” says Cicognani. “We place great importance on discretion and attentively listening to individual needs in order to meet our customers’ requirements while also ensuring a pleasant and stimulating customer experience.”

The founders say Karma Yachting will take a ’boutique’ approach, with ‘dedicated efforts to facilitate customer transactions and consistently represent the client’s interests at every stage of the process.’

Karma Yachting founder Karin Paggi

Karin Paggi

“We serve as a constant point of reference and have established long-standing relationships with our customers based on trust,” says Paggi. At Karma Yachting, clients are free to choose their degree of participation and involvement in the project at any time.

“We can offer our clients an extensive list of professionals to choose from, including lawyers, designers, surveyors, and management companies, based on their preferences, experience, and sensitivity. By listening to their wishes and expectations, we deliver a tailor-made service and always recommend the best possible solution.”

The name Karma Yachting is an amalgamation of the founders’ names. Paggi and Cicognani say the name also “represents their philosophy of life: to act in a correct and ethical manner”.

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