BY APB Staff on 17 May 2018

Taiwan’s Horizon created the new FD87 Skyline for a Florida-based owner who wanted to ‘pimp up’ the popular FD85 – adding an enclosed bridge, foredeck lounge, sunken beach club, open galley and a striking Lego-blue hull.

“I WILL NEVER OWN A BOAT THAT’S NOT A HORIZON,” Travis Fox admits. The American is describing his reaction to seeing his newly completed FD87 Skyline – named Skyline – for the first time at Horizon’s facilities in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Blue And Improved Horizon Fd87 Skyline 1

“It was overwhelming. It’s exactly what I wanted. There’s not a single expectation that wasn’t met. How many times can you say that?”

Blue And Improved Horizon Fd87 Skyline


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