BY APB Staff on 4 Mar 2021

Italian builder lays out its sustainability priorities post-pandemic

Benetti’s Livorno Shipyard

Italy’s Benetti Yachts has spoken of its renewed commitment to reducing the overall carbon footprint of both its production process and boat design in the wake of the pandemic.

The family-owned company made its first major sustainability efforts in 2002, with the introduction of the first hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system on 65-metre Ambrosia, which was bought by Hong Kong’s Ambrous Young and hit the water in 2006.

Ambrosia is one of Asia’s best-known yachts | Photo: Thierry Ameller for Benetti

In the two decades since, the company has sought to place emphasis on limiting its carbon footprint across construction and design to give its owners forward-thinking options.

“At Benetti, we deliver our enduring passion for the sea and for sailing by combining Italian craftsmanship and innovation into every yacht we design and build. Following the pandemic, we’ve accelerated our commitment to reducing carbon footprint. It’s time, money and resources that we feel are worth it,” says Peter Mahony, General Manager at Benetti Yachts Asia.


“Fortunately, the Benetti company mission is supported by a growing trend across Asia for innovative and forward-thinking options. With a Benetti yacht, we have a sweet spot where green awareness technology meets the utmost quality and comfort, which is possible through constant innovation and research.”

The company has placed efforts on hybrid engines to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, using carefully chosen material and components for improving onboard efficiency.



Both the 107-metre Luminosity and Asia market-favourite, the Benetti B.Yond 37M, are equipped with hybrid propulsion systems to reduce environmental impact and fuel consumption.

Luminosity is the biggest hybrid in the world, and features an intelligent propulsion system, while B.Yond 37M has proven a popular yacht in the Asian market due to its reduced environmental impact with the hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system, developed by the Siemens Marine Global Competence Centre in Italy.

The B.Yond series is the company’s first foray into yachts suited for long-range cruising. There are now two in build, with the first to be launched in the autumn of 2021.

Benetti B.Yond 37M

Benetti has also been implementing sustainable improvements at the Livorno and Viareggio Italian shipyards to enhance energy efficiency and reduce pollution and wastage.

These measures include new high-power stations for moored gigayachts of over 100 metres, to reduce fuel consumption; replacing incandescent light bulbs with LED lamps; installing a photovoltaic plant and a solar thermal system to reduce methane greenhouse gases, and insulating the Livorno shipyard sheds with cladding to enhance energy efficiency at thermal and acoustic levels.

New Zealand Millennium Cup 2020

Benetti continues to act as gold sponsor of the 2021 New Zealand Millennium Cup regatta, which is a certified clean regatta empowering sailors with tips and resources to implement sustainability initiatives.