BY Anna Cummins on 12 May 2023

The owners intend to live on the 67-metre vessel full-time and have designed the interiors personally

Benetti launches new 67-meter full custom yacht FB285NK

Benetti has launched a new custom superyacht at its Livorno shipyard. The 67-metre vessel, known as FB285NK, has been built for an owner couple who intend to make the vessel their new home, taking advantage of input from the yard, with Cassetta Yacht Designers for the exterior concept. The co-owner, an experienced interior designer herself, has taken care of the interiors. 

Benetti says the design of FB285NK is inspired by a combination of passion for the sea, refined aesthetic taste and a sense of understanding between the parties involved. 

The choice of style and interior decor revolves around the wood selection and the layout of the spaces. Drawing on her experience as a designer in the luxury real estate business, the owner was involved in the project right from the design phase when, together with the yard and the designers, she outlined a boat that, behind the traditional lines and layout, reveals a whole host of ingenious solutions for life on the water.

This is because FB285NK is now the owner couple’s new home, an elegant and refined beach house with a breathtaking view and fully appointed with every comfort for spending the day in complete relaxation, tranquillity, peace and quiet. To ensure better service on board, the owners decided to reduce the number of cabins to only five, fewer than any other yacht this size.

Benetti launches new 67-meter full custom yacht FB285NK

The space between the hull sides is over ten meters wide when stepping into the lounge on the main deck. At the same time, the large windows contribute to the overall elegance of the architecture and give an even more fluid feel to the design, which floods the interior with natural light through the circular side windows.

Almost 2 meters in diameter, their effect is impressive, becoming a signature feature of the yacht’s silhouette and filling the interiors with light, from the generous main lounge to the cabins on the lower deck. Aesthetically original, they offer a feeling of modernity and luminosity and give the yacht’s design a distinctive look. They were strongly desired by the owner, who wanted to establish a connection between the interiors and the natural environment by framing the beauty of the scenery outside.

Designed as a beautiful and luxurious residence on the water, it was essential for the design to include a constant reminder of the natural environment around the yacht.

Benetti says FB285NK is also a triumph of FSC-certified teak, used extensively for the decks, doors, pillars and furniture, in a perfect combination of colours with the chromatism of the steel elements and the paint coating the hull. FSC certification is a guarantee that the teak used for the flooring is sourced from responsibly managed forests with a planned cycle of environmentally sustainable tree harvesting and replanting.