BY APB Staff on 20 Feb 2019

The Development Parnership Agreement with the Irish marine tech company was announced at the Miami International Boat Show

Beneteau has announced a Development Partnership Agreement (DPA) with Irish marine technology company Raceix at the Miami International Boat Show (February 14-18).

Raceix, who also has a US base in Savannah, Georgia, is developing an innovative hardware & software suite designed to inform, encourage and support the activities, adventures and lifestyles of boaters, with particular emphasis on owners of motorboats with less than 8m (26ft) in length.

Beneteau Partners With Raceix
(Photo: Beneteau)

They deliver a highly intuitive, contextually-aware solution that uses a modern user experience (with augmented reality) to provide appropriate data to the boat user in a way that encourages and supports boat usage in a safe, informed manner.

This innovative approach has received enormous industry support internationally over the past year.

For Beneteau, it represents an opportunity to further demonstrate their commitment to sourcing and developing new technologies that have the potential to offer practical assistance to existing boaters, while also encouraging new customers to the water.

The DPA will see Raceix use the Beneteau Antares 7 outboard motorboat to test their solution over the coming months, while also having access to a very high level of understanding of the market. It will also incorporate some additional features which Beneteau believe will further assist boaters.