BY APB Staff on 7 Jun 2020

Asiamarine now represents the French brand in HK, Macau, Thailand and Vietnam

Bali Catamarans Appoints Official Dealer For Hong Kong And Macau 2
Bali Catspace Sail

Asiamarine, a Hong Kong-based yacht service company, has been named the official dealer of Bali Catamarans in Hong Kong and Macau. 

A brand of France-based Catana Group, Bali Catamarans has rapidly established itself as a leading name in sailing and motor multihulls ranging between 40 to 54 feet. The brand says its manufacturing capacity has expanded “exponentially” from 0 to 200 boats annually since its launch in 2014.

Bali Catamarans are regarded for being roomier than comparable cats, thanks to the innovative use of a solid foredeck and a tilting door, which results in either greater outdoor or greater indoor space. 

Eric Noyel, CEO and founder of Asiamarine, which offers yacht charter and brokerage across Asia, says he was drawn to the concept for its simple logic. “I never understood why the smaller catamarans offer two small separate indoor and outdoor areas,” he says. “When the weather is good, you want to be outside; and when the weather is bad, you want to be inside. It never occurs that the weather is good and bad at the same time, so the Bali titling door is one of the most intelligent features I have seen on a boat for a long time. It simply doubles your available space, 100 per cent of the time.”

Bali Catamarans Appoints Official Dealer For Hong Kong And Macau 1
Bali 4.3 MY 

Bali has increased its sales from 15 units in 2015 to 140 units in 2019 and has 200 deliveries scheduled for 2020. The first Bali Catamarans will arrive in Hong Kong before the end of the year.

Noyel says that Asiamarine, which has been the official dealer of Bali Catamarans in Vietnam and Thailand since 2019, is delighted to become the brand’s official dealer in Hong Kong and Macau. “With the extraordinary growth of the catamaran segment and the love for more square footage that our Asian clients share, as well as the substantial inventory available from Bali Catamarans, I think we have found a winner that will please yacht owners in our part of the world,” he says. “The only issue will be our ability to maintain enough production slots to enable us to deliver on the huge demand.”

Boris Compagnon, sales director of the Catana Group, echoes the sentiment. “We are very happy to be expanding our collaboration with Eric Noyel and Asiamarine in the general area of Southeast Asia,” he says. “Their knowledge of the local markets and their industry know-how will be an asset for Bali Catamarans in the region.” 

Bali Catamarans Appoints Official Dealer For Hong Kong And Macau 3
Bali 5.4