BY APB Staff on 28 Feb 2024

The new 18-metre flagship will debut at the 2024 Cannes Yachting Festival.

Bali 5.8

French boatbuilder Bali Catamarans has revealed a new flagship, the Bali 5.8, as it celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

Catana Group, which owns the Bali brand, says the new Bali 5.8 is completing the range from the top down after the 11.6-metre Bali Catsmart was launched in April 2023 at last year’s International Multihull Show at La Grande Motte. Since then, the R&D teams have worked with the Piaton-Bercault design studio on the 5.8 — a new flagship even bigger than the Catsmart.

The Bali 5.8 catamaran is 18 metres in length and over 9 metres wide, offering from four to six cabins depending on the preferred layout, plus up to two berths for crew.

Bali 5.8

The other cabins all offer island beds, allowing easy access to either side of the bed. The yacht also offers a twin-cabin option, with separate berths in the centre of the boat. All the bathrooms, even aboard the six-cabin version, have separate showers and toilets.

The owner’s cabin prioritises volume, space, light and sea views. The bathroom has been completely redesigned and is very spacious, with an extra-large shower to match the size of the boat.

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The saloon cockpit has a tilting far door to create a single living space. The galley has high-level cupboards and a wider countertop. It is U-shaped and can accommodate several when underway, even in rough conditions.

Bali 5.8

The dining area has been designed to incorporate a lounger and a table that will seat 12. A deep, wide outside bench seat facing the saloon is designed to allow guests to stretch out, sit up, sleep or chat, all while remaining connected to both the saloon and the sea.

In addition, the large forward door and large opening window allow guests to enjoy all the interiors, sheltered from the sun, while providing ventilation throughout the boat.

Bali says the chart table is set apart and well isolated from the rest of the spaces and is forward-facing. Its position ensures proximity to the rest of life on board while guaranteeing optimum safety for navigation without being disturbed by the other activities on board.

Bali 5.8

Particular attention has been paid to accommodating the crew. A large double captain’s cabin is available for the master version so that both owners and crew can enjoy their own spacious living area.

The forward cockpit is designed as a terrace overlooking the sea. By connecting the galley directly to the inside of the boat, the wide forward door allows both guests and the wind to circulate freely. Meanwhile, the foredeck features a sunbathing, dining and lounge area.

Bali says the fact the boat is fully decked from bow to stern makes it even stiffer under sail and creates better sailing performance because the platform is rigid. For weight reasons, Bali has also replaced the bulkhead reinforcements with carbon, a feature handed down from Catana, thus avoiding the need to add layers and layers of classic glass cloth, and reducing noise underway and at anchor.

Bali 5.8

The sail handling and helming areas are clearly identified for the safety of passengers and the peace of mind of the crew. The 2/3 – 1/3 helm seat is modular. A hardtop (or bimini) covers the entire flybridge, providing UV and heat protection, permanent ventilation and a great view. The solar panels are fully integrated to aid self-sufficiency.

At the stern of the boat, Bali has optimised access to the sea via the aft steps, offering wider, more spacious bathing areas. The optional hydraulic platform is capable of lifting a substantial-sized tender.

All the sail areas on the 5.8 have been optimised, offering up to 240m² of upwind canvas. There’s a self-tacking jib, and the sail wardrobe can be complemented by a very large Code 0, which can be handled from the cockpit.

Bali 5.8

This model is manufactured in Bali’s factory in Canet en Roussillon in the South of France and will be shown to the public at the 2024 Cannes Yachting Festival in September.

Catana Group, known for the Catana and Bali brands of sailing and cruising catamarans, as well as YOT power cats, has five production sites: three in France, one in Tunisia and one in Portugal, a service base and an industrial joinery facility.

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