BY Ryan Swift on 1 Jun 2023

Azimut|Benetti and Eni will work on new models powered by biofuel, as well as bunkering at targeted marinas

Azimut|Benetti Group and Eni Sustainable Mobility have signed an agreement for the supply and use of HVOlution, a biofuel made of 100% HVO (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) produced in Eni Sustainable Mobility’s Venice and Gela biorefineries from waste raw materials and vegetable residues, or from oils generated from non-food crops.

The companies say that the HVOlution can deliver emissions reduction of up to 90% compared to “benchmark fossil blends, depending on the raw materials used for its production.” The decrease of up to 90% in carbon emissions is widely accepted among government agencies. 

A sample of HVOlution, the biofuel for yachts made from Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil

Starting in the summer of 2023, Azimut|Benetti Group will replace normal fossil fuels with HVOlution for testing of new yachts, sea trials and prototype model handling. The company said that owners will also be able to take delivery of new Azimut models with HVOlution.

The collaboration between Azimut|Benetti Group and Eni Sustainable Mobility will start in early June with Azimut’s new Magellano 60, which will travel from Savona to Taormina for her international premiere at an event organised by Azimut for over 600 owners from around the world.

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“For Azimut|Benetti Group, this agreement is a tangible step forward on the course we have charted out to reduce CO2 emissions,” said Azimut|Benetti Group President Giovanna Vitelli. “At the present time, over half of Azimut’s fleet is made up of Low Emission Yachts, while Benetti has built the world’s largest hybrid yacht as well as winning the ‘Green Yacht of the Year 2022’ award with the 37-metre Byond,” she added.

The new Azimut Magellano 60, which will test HVOlution biofuel this summer

“This first supply of biofuel to the recreational boating industry confirms that Eni Sustainable Mobility can support maritime operators on the path to decarbonisation. The agreement with Azimut|Benetti Group is a first step that will be followed in the coming months with increased sales of HVOlution to the maritime industry as well,” said Stefano Ballista, CEO of Eni Sustainable Mobility.

The partners will develop future projects focused on the distribution of HVO and biofuel. The first phase will involve bunkering in Azimut|Benetti Group marinas as the first points of supply for private individuals in Italy.

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