BY APB Staff on 13 Jul 2020

Marine Italia has sold nine yachts since the end of February

Azimut Yachts S8

Azimut Yachts S8

Marine Italia, dealer of Azimut Yachts into Greater China, has reported a significant sales rise into Hong Kong in the past few months. Since the end of February, Marine Italia has sold nine yachts, three of them over 24 metres. Among the sales are two Azimut 66s, two Azimut S8s, an Azimut 60 and an Azimut Grande 27M. Marine Italia is also dealer for Absolute Yachts, and has sold an Absolute 47 Fly, Navetta 58 and Navetta 73. The pace of sales appears to be quickening.

“Our initial concerns for the possible decline in demand for yachts in Hong Kong as a result of the global Covid 19 situation have proved to be unfounded. The international travel restrictions have resulted in most of our clients staying in Hong Kong this summer, and many of them are turning to yachting as their preferred summer pastime,” says Paul Grange, executive director of Marine Italia. “When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Yachting is an outdoor, healthy activity that you can share with family and friends, in a private, safe environment.”


Numerous yacht dealers in Hong Kong have reported stellar sales in the past few months, as buyers have opted to spend more time on the water as a way of social distancing and have been spending more time on board.

Grange says that Marine Italia is experiencing one of the busiest periods ever for new and pre-owned Azimut Yachts, adding that Azimut’s steady production line means there is a relatively quick delivery time. “On average, currently, we are handing over yachts at the rate of one or two per week in Hong Kong”.

Marine Italia, Azimut Yachts dealer for Hong Kong, Macau, Guangdong and Taiwan, is also looking to recharge its China market in the wake of the recent free trade zone policy announcement for Hainan. The company signed an investment agreement with the Sanya Free Trade Port in April this year, with the intention to build an Azimut showroom, berths and a sales office in Sanya.

Marine Italia is also planning to create an Azimut Yacht Cruising Club in three locations: Hong Kong, Sanya and Singapore.