BY APB Staff on 5 Nov 2020

Benetti alone has nearly doubled the number of units sold

Azimut Benetti Group has confirmed strong sales in the Asia-Pacific region for 2020, reporting a 10% increase on results posted for the area last season. Benetti alone has nearly doubled the number of units sold. 

In the last 12 months, the two brands have made total sales worth over €150 million – a result that reflects the increased interest in yachting amid the ongoing global pandemic.

Grande 32 Metri

These results, which include all the major markets in the region, including Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, have been particularly driven by orders for boats over 24 metres, a segment in which the Group specialises in around the world. 

Azimut was founded in 1969 by Paolo Vitelli and in 1985, Azimut acquired the Benetti Shipyard. The company welcomed new CEO Marco Valle in September. Valle, who was previously in charge of the Azimut Division, is combining the Azimut and Benetti Divisions to ensure integrated business management, according to a statement made to announce his appointment.

Salon of Grande 25 Metri

At the end of 2019, Azimut Benetti Group was top-ranked among superyacht builders, with 101 projects in build, and the Benetti Division launched its second superyacht over 100 metres, marking a new era for the yard.

Benetti has enjoyed considerable success in the Asia market. In June 2019, Benetti announced the sale of a 65-metre yacht to a Chinese client, with the yacht being the first sold by an Italian yard to fly the Chinese flag and be certified by the China Classification Society.

Benetti BYond 37M

Azimut Yachts has this year sold and delivered eight yachts in the brand’s flagship Grande Collection (four 32 Metri, two 27 Metri and two 25 Metri) with five more units in the same collection in delivery in the next six months; Benetti has sold five units. 

Azimut Yachts is represented in Hong Kong, Macau, Guangdong and Taiwan by Marine Italia. The brand has a new Australian dealer, D’Albora, which has established a considerable presence in the region in the space of a single year, as well as opening up new markets on the country’s western coast. 


Turning to Benetti, the Oasis 40M has seen a remarkable 12 units sold in the region to date. 

“For years Azimut Yachts has been leading the APAC market for a range of 34-120 foot yachts, supported by a very good network of local dealers, to strengthen the Azimut brand and to make sure that each customer feels valued and well looked after,” says Enrico Chiaussa, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa Area Manager of Azimut Yachts. 

Oasis 40M

“We are especially proud of the results we have achieved this year. The sales results were especially positive in the range between 60 and 80 feet yachts, and the Grande Collection is clearly a beloved yacht in Asia.”

Peter Mahony, APAC GM of Benetti Yachts, adds: “APAC continues to be a key market for Benetti and we are pleased to see our efforts to constantly innovate and improve on the quality of our products and processes, along with the hard work of our employees and local partners, has paid off in a year that has provided unique challenges. 

“As we move into the new season, we remain optimistic that demand for our luxury yachts will continue to soar, and that the aggressive production schedule and the new model introductions we have planned over the next 18 months will further strengthen our position as an industry leader in this exclusive market sector.”