BY APB Staff on 28 Sep 2022

The Galeon Transformer is among the most spacious yachts available in its class

Yacht services provider Asiamarine has released a stunning new video to promote the award-winning Galeon 640, shot against the background of Hong Kong’s scenic southside district.

The 68-ft (21-m) Galeon Transformer is among the most spacious luxury yachts available in its class. There’s the ‘transformer’ beach club with its drop-down balconies for which Galeon is known, converting the beam on deck from 5m to 7.4m. The “magic door” blurs the distinction between cockpit and saloon; between indoors and outdoors. 

Asiamarine is the official regional dealer for Galeon and has stock boats available in Hong Kong.

People always think of unique ways to surprise their loved ones. And what is a better place than a luxury yacht? In the promotional video, which can be seen above, the yacht cruises around while a young couple drink Champagne and laugh knowingly together. The young woman soon speaks with a lady who — it is insinuated — may be her mother, over an entire plate of macarons and a juicy bowl of fruit. Meanwhile, the young man goes upstairs to speak to a man who — it is insinuated — may be the young woman’s father, and the duo nod together and shake hands knowingly as they concoct their surprise. 

Within moments, a realistic and somewhat emotional proposal takes place, complete with the evening gowns and a stirring live violinist on deck. A sixth person can be seen on the boat’s bow as it returns to shore for the evening’s festivities.

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