BY APB Staff on 14 Jan 2019

Trawler motor cruisers like this new Beneteau 47 Swift Trawler can allow boating during both the wet and dry seasons, so are right at home in Asia.

Beneteau’s Swift Trawler is yet another variation on the theme of what makes a really practical motor cruiser. Traditionally, trawler yachts have taken many traits from the working vessels they borrow their name from such as seaworthy hulls, high bulwarks, enclosed decks, low revving engines and long range fuel tanks. Interiors are usually fairly utilitarian to both maximise space and minimise maintenance, so plenty hardwood and benches with little else to cause fuss. Major builders such as Grand Banks and Fleming have been producing sturdy boats like these for decades but Beneteau’s take on the concept is considerably tweaked, as this new 47 that launched at Cannes showed me when I did a walk-through with product manager Thomas Gaillard. “We have created a simple, low-maintenance boat that’s strong yet can be easily handled,” explained the Beneteau veteran who has overseen dozens of vessels in both power and sail during his many years at the company, so knows what’s required of a sea-going vessel.

All Season Cruiser Beneteau Swift Trawler 47

Back in 2003 the French giant re-thought this traditional concept when it launched its Trawler range that has gone on to number five models, from 30 to 50 feet with the Trawler 47 the newest member of this flotilla of semi-displacement hulls. It has a large flybridge, which may compromise traditional trawler stability, but for the average coastal cruiser it greatly adds to the attraction by creating a three-level living space. Three is also the magic number when it comes to cabins with owners’ enjoying a spacious bow berth with ensuite.

All Season Cruiser Beneteau Swift Trawler 47 1

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