BY APB Staff on 20 Jul 2022

The Absolute 56 Fly packs a lot of luxury into a modest package

It’s rare to find a yacht of this size – 17m (56ft) – with three en-suite cabins that don’t feel cramped. But Charisma, the latest in the Absolute Fly series, manages to do just that.

The Charisma designers’ objective was to take ergonomics to new heights by ensuring that “not a single inch of space was wasted”. This was done through the use of things like pocket doors (sliding doors that ‘disappear’ into a partitioned cavity), even-levelled cabin decks, hidden storage compartments and massive windows that all emit a more spacious vibe.

Absolute 56 Fly

“Each level has to be a certain height or else people will feel uncomfortable walking through – but if it’s a small boat with three levels it can look like an ugly brick,” explained Thomas Woo, co-founder and co-director of Marine Italia and captain during APB’s sea trial. “So the question is: how do you make a boat that looks slick and at the same time, feel roomy on all three levels? I doubt there is another boat this size that accomplishes this as well as the Charisma.”

One of the most impressive aspects of the Charisma is the full-beam forward VIP cabin – which is big enough to pass for a second master cabin. A third en-suite cabin with single beds and a comfortable double crew cabin completes the sleeping arrangements.

Absolute 56 Fly

Absolute’s signature pocket doors make the cabin space feel roomy and open – as swing-doors act as obstacles and take up precious space. In fact, the Charisma only has one swing door – placed at an angle in the master suite where it’s completely unobtrusive.

The master and VIP cabins both have huge surrounding windows, which gives their inhabitants a more immersive visual experience, as well as hatches for when passengers may want fresh air.

Absolute 56 Fly

“It really is like an elegant miniature hotel on water,” Woo says.

The Charisma also has a roomy cockpit with no fixed elements, meaning owners can fit it with modular furnishings and make adjustments based on taste and needs.

“This is a very rare feature that was introduced with the Absolute Fly 60,” explains Woo, who’s owned a 60 Fly since January. “I’ve tried around eight different configurations on my boat and it’s so fun – I keep changing it up and it feels like a different boat every time you come in.”

The 56 Fly, which also boasts a spacious saloon and elegant upper deck, combines an impressive top speed of around 28 knots with fuel efficiency in a way that could give the Charisma a niche role as a luxury adventure boat. She consumes about three litres per nautical mile.