BY APB Staff on 15 Jan 2019

Ferretti’s recently-launched 670 steers clear of gimmicks, opting for dependability in performance, with a dash of good looks.

Lashed to a hammerhead pontoon inside the sheltered marina in Cesenatico on Italy’s Adriatic coast, the Ferretti 670 is an imposing craft. It is a fine looking boat with neat proportions, a muscular and effortless presence. Ferretti designs boats imbued with timeless style: they aren’t radical, they age well and don’t fall foul to fads or gimmickry. In the pantheon of Ferretti flybridge design the 670 is quite radical but there is nothing irrational here, it is cohesive and contemporary but still instantly recognisable as a Ferretti.

A Timeless Classic Is Born Ferretti 670

Our test boat had the standard three-cabin configuration (plus crew cabin) but if you have an eye on charter then the optional four-cabin arrangement will be attractive. In this guise, the bureau, which hovers delicately over the port side hull window in the master, is sacrificed for a pair of bunk beds. Unless you really need the sleeping space, the three cabin layout is the way to go as the master cabin feels so much more special with the spacious entrance hall and bureau in place. A short run of stairs leads down into the centre of the cabin where a generous island Bow and aft decks and swim platform, along with fittings are sleek, roomy and offer no-nonsense function. berth takes pride of place, flanked by a storage chest to one side and sofa to the other and, of course, vast hull windows. A spacious ensuite and walk-in wardrobe are discreetly tucked aft of the bed, adding yet more insulation from the machinery space, which is also separated from the sleeping accommodation by the crew cabin.

A Timeless Classic Is Born Ferretti 670 1

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