BY APB Staff on 9 Jan 2017

The 5C is a milestone in the history of Pershing, a symbol of the evolution the brand is going through.

IF THERE’S ONE YACHT brand you can recognise anywhere and in any sea exists, without a doubt it’s a Pershing. Dating back to 1985 with the first Pershing 45, the shipyard from Mondolfo is established firmly as one of the great icons of the boating industry worldwide – a symbol of speed, Italian design and a daring soul. To confuse a Pershing with any other floating object is impossible.

A Daring Soul 3 

“The great challenge we are facing is to build yachts with all possible comforts maintaining speed and fun, the fundamental parts of Pershing DNA,” says Ferretti Group Engineering Director Michelangelo Casadei. “Yachts get heavier, volumes are bigger but they still remain Pershings.” 

A Daring Soul 1

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